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the removal of J.L. Craig Marshall from the Board of Directors of Yellow Resources Pty Ltd.

July 24, 2012

Dear Shareholders.
The company announces the removal of J.L. Craig Marshall from the Board of Directors of Yellow
Resources Pty Ltd. The termination has been officially notified as from today 3rd July 2012. Yellow
Resources Pty Ltd is the Australian registered operational company of Yellow Energy Plc.
Mr Marshall’s shares in Yellow Energy Plc have been frozen pending the outcome of Australian Authorities
investigations for deception and fraud.

Subject: Fraud and Corrupt Management Practices: JL Craig Marshall. Australian Registered Company
Dear ASIC. Email 1 of 2
Copy: Jenny Cutri. ASX.
We are concerned about breaches of director’s duties or misleading and deceptive conduct.
As these matters are dealt with under the Corporations Act which is administered by
ASIC. We are contacting ASIC’s as instructed by Jenny Cutri, ASX.
Dear ASIC.
Yellow Energy Plc, Yellow Resources Pty Ltd , Wharf Resources Plc, Allied Oil & Gas Plc, Allied Gold
Resources Plc, DNI France, Jurassica Oil & Gas Plc, Phoenix Resources Plc, Dome Petroleum
Resources Plc and Octagon Capital Management. Wish to lodge a complaint against Mr JL Craig
Marshall for Deception, Fraud and Criminal Damage. Please see attached evidence against Marshall.
He misrepresented himself in order to obtain 33% of the shares in Yellow Energy Plc and Yellow
Resources Pty Ltd and deceived the financial partners and fellow Directors in parting with cash and
fund the companies in which he obtained 33% of the shares. He contravened all Directors fiduciary
and statutory requirements by reporting lies and directed funds towards contractors that turned out to
be shadow partners unknown to the Board of Directors of all partner companies and funders . For 3
years he was Directing all of the work exclusively to his shadow partners unknown to the Directors
causing financial losses to the companies concerned.
Brief introduction to the case:
Mr Marshall, is guilty of deception and misrepresentation !! The various statements by Mr R. Donald-
Hill and Mr A. Maynard place Mr Marshall directly at the centre of a fraud. Mr Donald-Hill and Mr
Maynard story tells you that Mr Marshall was engaged to find a financial source in which the financial
source would ensure that all the funding for exploration are directed exclusively within the 3 partners
and their associates. It is clear from Mr Donald-Hill’s Statement that the company was to be shared
among them and not the funding partners. Mr Marshall never disclosed to the board that he had
shadow partners of which he was feeding all of the subcontracting work without tendering for the best
quotations and or other services. The evidence supplied by Mr Donald-Hill statement of facts, clearly
indicates that Mr Marshall was engaged to ensure that all of the contracting work would go to Mr
Maynard, Mr Donald-Hill and associates. The Funders, Partners and Directors were kept away from
knowing the arrangements that Mr Marshall, Mr Maynard and Mr Donald-Hill had made. In my opinion
the case against Mr Marshall is clearly one of fraud.
In conclusion:
Mr Marshall obtained 33% of the shares in Yellow Resources Pty Ltd and Yellow Energy Plc by
misrepresentation hence guilty of deception for not disclosing the arrangements that existed between
the contractors and him. Mr Marshall ensured that all contracting work required by Yellow Energy Plc,
went exclusively to Mr Donald-Hill and Mr Maynard and associates.


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  1. Happy to publicly admit to all of this and yet they still won’t do the honorable thing and pay for services rendered? The recent ramblings posted on the website look very much like the babble of someone about to have a nervous breakdown. Instead of acting like victims and blaming everyone else, it would be more professional and ethical to simply honour the agreement made on your behalf by Mr Marshall. Surely shareholders must be aghast at this diatribe and the only thing that stands out to the casual observer is that Mr Donald-Hill has been ripped off and you are trying to justify it.

  2. Precisely how long did it require you to publish “the removal of J.
    L. Craig Marshall from the Board of Directors of Yellow
    Resources Pty Ltd. duckforbes”? It has got a good deal of high-quality details.
    Many thanks -Kandy

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