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Francesco Fucilla, character disturbed?

July 24, 2012

…and then it just gets crazier. Excerpt from:

For our part, our brief and, we suppose, as yet unfinished, personal interactions with Francesco Fucilla have been less than edifying. The following is just one of dozens of emails that the owners of QFG/ have received in recent days from Francesco Fucilla:

Fri, 6 April 2012 04:34:31 -0700 (PDT)

From: “francesco fucilla” ffucilla@
To: “Francesco Fucilla” anthony.fucilla@, “ANTHONY FUCILLA” anthony.fucilla@, f.fucilla@, fucilla@, “Prof. Francesco Fucilla” ffucilla@, “bruno newest email denantes” brdnico@, “Denantes Bruno” brunodnvector@, “br Denantes” be2nantes@, “Group Administration” group@, “Mike Goodrich” mike.goodrich@, “goddard mike” mike.goddard1@, “ivan steele” ivan.steele134@ “Pierre Angles” angles@, andrei_grib@, Wolfgang_Spr sproessig@, “waldyr alves rodrigues jr” walrod@
Subject: re; First Affidavit from shareholders for the police in france and UK more to follow
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 12:34:24 +0100

Dear All

Francesco Fucilla, character disturbed? I find it difficult that such an illogical mind can be such a respected scientist !!

He is by far the worse case of autism I have seen !!  Mathematics is logics and this man is VOID any any logics !!

I am sure beyond doubts that he has learned well ( like parrots ) how to jerk around with number and symbols knowing nothing of what he talks about !!

I am horrified to see such vendetta over the fact that Pierre never put forward his name for award, and as a result he and his wife designed a defamatory campaign against my business group in order to discredit his CAIROS colleagues merited awards !!

We are dealing with reptilian DNA in this case !!

As you now all living organism run on the same software and share the same sequence of amino acids and nucleotides and that certain sequences from time to time are shifted back by millions of years, hence feeding in certain individuals reptilian or and lower form of ancient sequences present today in lower form of animal life such as reptilians life, altering in them the limbic system behavioural functions to mimic its predecessors.

well, Mr Ark has exactly the reptilian DNA sequence of nucleotides presently shares by all Reptilian life entranced in his limbic system whose main functions are the survival one……… hate, aggression, fear, vendetta and so on !!

It is a good specimen for my research in human behaviour. He belongs to a lab and dissected for research in evolutionary inversions traits in animal life !!

Please send this email and the attached to the world

I will post all data to a dedicated website for research in Reptlian DNA inversions in humans DNA and or correlations in nucleotide sequences in reptilian and human DNA !!!

With affection

your francesco


And there is more:




I Dr Bruno den antes of 173rue de CJwrcnton, 75012 Paris swear that this is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.

I Dr Bruno Denantes make Oath and say I am an international Scientist, and businessman with interests that range from properties, Farming, Oil and Gas, Minerals, Technologies and other. I am the largest single investors in the Group scientifically and logistically headed by Francesco Fucilla

I have known Francesco Fucilla since 2004. I have invested millions of Dollars and continue to invest in the said group of companies such as Steriwave, Global, for never in my life as a scientist and businessman I have ever meet a more honest human being, nor a Greater genius and scientist. Francesco Fucilla Is a man of dignity honesty and morality, never encountered by me during the path of my life. Francesco Fucilla honesty, generosity and humanism as been an inspiration to my life and offers all of us a future hope for a better world. Francesco as has shown to me in the last 7 years that there are no Geoscientists that side him, his genius provided our group with discoveries after discoveries, integrating Geosciences and biological/chemical science in a way never done before. He is a universal genius and polymath with a sense of justice and humanity never known to me. He has been able to show us economic strategies, that have resulted in putting our companies into a position of zero debts and with working capital, and assets in the billions. Francesco Fucilla will receive further funding support from me and other long standing shareholders for our money could not be safer than in his hands.

indeed I and all of the other shareholders in our group of companies will testify to these facts, there could be no grater defamatory lies and criminal injustice than the one spread by Mr and Mrs azjadczyk in their websites.

I will testify to the above statement in any courts of law.

Dr Bruno Denantes PhD Dni Holdings.

And and interesting footnote:

Since we began our investigation into TGA, Fucilla et al and their myriad companies, we have received death threats, prank phone calls and countless other abusive emails telling us to remove the “slanderous and criminal postings” from our forum… “or else”. Given these threats, it came as no surprise to us to realise that others have also been threatened in this way by Francesco Fucilla.


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